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Powerful questions. Clean questions. Feedback. Validation. Mentoring. Coaching. Knowing the differences between coaching and mentoring, and how to conduct those sessions effectively. How to create and hold psychological safety for a team. How to reflect and retrospect on previous work, then adapt responses to improve going forward. Imagine an organization where people have not only the ability to apply these skills in their day-to-day work and professional relationships, but the confidence and know-how to do so whenever needed.

This is what we do in the Cultures of Coaching workshop: learn the theory and the “why” for new skills, practice, obtain feedback, and repeat. Attendees leave with new tools, the ability to use them, and a support system to help them continue to improve in the future. Organizations large and small seek me out for this workshop as some of the most consistent feedback received from employees as that they would like more coaching and mentoring. They want to receive that guidance, but they also want to be able to perform this for others. I help organizations build that culture of coaching from the inside out.

This one- or two-day workshop can be delivered virtually or in person. Contact Erin to discuss bringing this workshop to your organization.