about erin

I am a longtime coach with a deep passion for serving people, teams, and organizations, helping them transform from humdrum to remarkable. Through my work, I help my clients to find the pain points, get clear about what they really want, and then reimagine a new way forward. I ground my work in foundational, humanist principles, helping people to find their purpose and live meaningful, resonant lives. My goal in all that I do is simple: happy people doing great work.

  • Organization, Relationship, and System coach (ORSC-trained); experienced coach for technology, engineering, mining, biomedical, and non-profits

  • Certified Co-active Coach (CPCC); experienced coach for individuals, executives, organizations, teams, and executive boards

  • Expert Agile coach (ICE-AC, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT, CSM, CSP), co-founder of Agile Coaching Circles

  • Professional Certified Coach through International Coaching Federation (ICF-PCC)

  • Leadership coaching and profiles, including Leadership Circle profile assessments

  • Graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, having completed undergraduate work in English literature and biology as well as graduate work in writing.

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I stand for joy, for people living their best lives, for people doing the things that scare them most. I fall seven, rise eight, and believe that the blessing is on the other side of comfort.