Landing federal and foundation grants for research teams is difficult, but executing those grants and research projects is even more so. Universities and research teams benefit from coaching, too. 

Agile and organizational coaching aren't just for software and software development. They are just as effective--and just as needed--in helping universities and research institutions with federal and foundation grants. Transparency, inspection, and adaptation make for great and high-performing teams in academia, too. 

Kanban boards. Writing user stories. Refining your backlog. Principal investigators, community partners, and funding partners working together on what is most valuable for the research project. Making it possible for principal investigators to focus on the research, not managing the project. Providing clarity to funders by having a regular review process for them to see your work. Erin is an experienced coach for tier-one research institutions, helping them to not only land large grants, but execute those funded projects through to completion. 

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